History of 2002

04.22.2002  File Audio Processor  New version 1.4

File Audio Processor new version is better then ever, news in this release:
Supports Windows Media Audio and can convert, edit and play WMA files.
CD Audio Grabber can directly copy the CD Tracks to OGG or WMA files.
Audio Editor updated, and includes now 27 different audio editing & transforming methods.
Audio Player has been updated also, including a new look and some performance improvements.
Software performance has been improved, better File Playlist Maker, Link Validator and much more..
New features:
CDDB Database, provides functionality to retrieve data from internet or local off-line CDDB database files and to allow to submit new or revised data to an on-line database.
Mini Audio Player, another Audio Player has been added. This Audio Player can be opened in its own window.

Get it from the download section.

05.03.2002  Site Status Checker  Updated

Version 1.1.2 is now available and contains a few fixes and the new toolbar's XPLook.

05.07.2002  File Audio Processor  Updated

Version 1.4.5 is now available and contains new toolbar's XPLook.
NTFS compressed drives are supported now.

05.20.2002  Help Center 

New Help Center site has been opened, includes or will include soon help files online, tutorials, faq's and troubleshooting. Everything to help for our user!

06.24.2002  Sprintbit Playlist Manager 1.0
New software released!. Sprintbit Playlist Manager is a powerful playlist maker & manager
Please visit its page for more information.
File Audio Processor will be updated soon, new feature:  Audio Recorder will be added

09.21.2002  File Audio Processor  New version 2.0

New features:
Audio Recorder is intended for recording audio data from various computer sources (like microphone etc)
to audio file. Skins Now File Audio Processor windows can be skinned.
File Manager: Additional third File Browsers is added (can be opened in a separate window).
Register Server for registering ocx and dll files in your computer.
File Renamer: A new functions has been added.
Audio Tagger: Reading and writing ID3 tags of MP2,MP3,OGG,WAV files. Supports now ID3 tag v1 to v2.3.
Audio Editor: Full MP3 and MP2 support.
CD Grabber: Now you can directly copy audio tracks to WAV,MP3,WMA or OGG files. A new functions has been added also, you may copy entire CD at once.
Audio Player: Mixer has been added. Players can play all the major audio file formats now.
Playlist Manager:  Sprintbit Playlist Manager v 1.0.2 included
Picture Viewer: Over 50 new functions has been added, like capture window - screen, special effects, filters etc.
Software Interface improved. Some bug fix has been made discovered since latest release.

10.24.2002  Sprintbit Software Affiliate

Sprintbit Software has teamed up with eSellerate and launches new affiliate program, more info.

09.21.2002  File Audio Processor 

New version 2.1
New features:
Zip Archiver : is specifically designed to meet all the zipping and unzipping requirements that you may have.
It includes a numerous functions that give you the power to create, update, extract, list, and generate password protected zip files, including powerful encryption using the Rijndael algorithm – the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) for the 21st century.
File Preview: New preview window that can generate preview of various selected files.
Search & Replace: Allow to search and replace multiple files with the one source file.
Support for Windows Media Format v9 added. ID3 Tagger interface changed, several improvements has been made.

12.08.2002  File Audio Processor  New version 2.2

New feature:
Media Player : for playing almost any audio & video media files.
Audio Player and Audio Editor: WMA functionality has been improved
File Preview: Preview for video files has been added

Many new features introduced in the latest versions was available for $37 only.
Now File Audio Processor price has been changed to $43.
We also changed our upgrade policy.

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