History of 2001

06.16.2001   First public release

Real Audio Processor and Site Status Checker has been released !

07.17.2001  Real Audio Processor Updated

Drives toolbar has been added to the File Manager. Tabbed toolbar was added for better manage space on the program window. 
Toolbars supports now virtually all Office 2000 features like Personalized menus, docking toolbars, floating toolbars over the window and much more.

07.20.2001  Real Audio Processor

The program has changed its name to File Audio Processor
 File Audio Processor still remains listed on some sites under its old name as  Real Audio Processor until the whole process of changing program name will end. In the meantime you will see all downloaded
software under new name. The reason of change was to not have users confused our software with 'Real Audio' 09.20.2001  File Audio Processor  New version 1.1  New File Audio Processor v 1.1 is available for download
New features: CD Audio Grabber, CD Audio Player, Link Validator, File List Maker and much more
There is a lots of new commands just has been added to the File Manager.

09.28.2001  File Audio Processor  Updated

On our user's request, File Audio Processor updated again !. In this update to v 1.1.7, program has improved layout functionality. The different program layouts can be saved to the hard drive and  loaded into the program.  About Layouts click here 

10.18.2001  File Audio Processor  Updated.  

New registration system
 Some bug - fixes discovered since last release, on certain computers there was a problem with the software installation, fixed now. Print feature has been added, lets you print text documents graphics and bitmaps on any printer installed on a system. New registration system is launched now, for more details please visit register page. File Audio Processor just received two new awards. 

10.24.2001  File Audio Processor  Updated again!

In this update Picture Viewer has been added.

11.08.2001  File Audio Processor News 

New 1.1.26 version does not include new updates, performance has been improved.

11.20.2001  File Audio Processor News    

New version will be released in the first few days of the December and will include:
Audio Converter & File Editor. Better Audio Player with the playlist builder & manager.
The following audio formats are supported: WAV PCM; Compressed WAV (GSM, ADPCM, DSP, ALF) VOX (Dialogic ADPCM); RAW;   G.726; Mobile Voice; Ogg Vorbis.
About MP3 support please read more at FAQ page. With the new version, price for File Audio Processor will be changed, if you want to buy it, buy it now.

12.06.2001  File Audio Processor  New version 1.2  

New features: Audio Converter & Editor, CDDB support for CD Audio Grabber has been added
Audio Player includes the playlist manager. Program has new toolbars and pages layout.

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