02.18.2008  Guestbook discontinued
Due to intensive spam abuse we have decided to close our guestbook.
04.04.2008  Sprintbit Playlist Manager updated to 5.0.70
Daily Scheduler fix released.
04.04.2008  End Of Sale Announcement
Effective 05.01.2008 Sprintbit Software will discontinue selling the following product:
Site Status Checker.
05.14.2008  Visual Lottery Analyser version 2.0 BETA released
We are proud to announce the release of  new version of Visual Lottery Analyser!

We have rewritten the software from the beginning using the latest development technology:
Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 which makes the Visual Lottery Analyser a software for today and tomorrow.

New Visual Lottery Analyser is dedicated to make your work with lottery games comfortable as much as possible.
In compare to previous version, now it use real databases to store games, drawings and other data,
everything is ease to use and done automatically as much as possible. No more of problems with saving, loading files or setting up paths etc.
Software got new beautiful, clean interface and many new features.

It would be too much to read about all changes, software is like a new so try it out!
You may download beta version from our download page.

It is fully functional, we call beta because its documentation is not ready completely yet, but we will update it constantly.
Also tutorials are not ready yet.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.

05.28.2008  Visual Lottery Analyser version 2.0 update
Visual Lottery Analyser has been officially released as the new version 2.0.
We have made a small number of improvements requested by the users who have evaluated the beta version.
Thank you for your feedback.
07.06.2008  Visual Lottery Analyser updated to 2.0.20
New feature added: Wheel Systems Hits Checker.
This feature is dedicated to work with the wheel systems. You can check the wheel system against drawing numbers.
New wheels systems database available to download for licensed users. The database contains over 2100 systems.
09.08.2008  Visual Lottery Analyser version 2.1 released
This is maintenance release that includes the following changes:
Change of databases location. Previously the software databases was located in:

C:\Program Files\Common Files\Sprintbit Software\Games.mdb
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Sprintbit Software\MathSystems.mdb

The program had troubles with accessing database files in that locations, it was happening mostly on Vista systems.
The C:\Program Files\Common Files folder was too much protected by Vista UAC system so we have moved databases to the software installation folder:
C:\Program Files\Sprintbit Software\Visual Lottery Analyser
Now there should not be any problem.

Important notice for current users:
Before you install new version please copy your database files (Games.mdb & MathSystems.mdb) from
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Sprintbit Software\
to different location, then after installation of new version move your files to new folder:
C:\Program Files\Sprintbit Software\Visual Lottery Analyser\

After installation of new version software will overwrite your license details, to restore license simply reactivate your copy.
We have made changes to the drawing numbers import features:
The Drawings Import feature has been removed and replaced with new Lottery Numbers Import Wizard.
New wizard improves user experience regarding importing lottery numbers into a software database for the first time.
Beside changes in the interface the new wizard includes a few bug fixes and improvements.
In addition to ability of import text files now you will be able to download lottery numbers from Internet web page.

Visual Lottery Analyser is going to be our first software that will be fully localized.
For more information about our software localization project please visit this page.

The software Options window has been removed and replaced by a few smaller but more manageable windows.