01.06.2005 Sprintbit Playlist  Manager version 3.0 released

Audio Player
Added support for the following audio files: AAC, AC3 (Dolby 5.1), AMR, MP4, MP+, G729
Added support for the following playlist files: WPL, WAX, WVX, B4S
Improved ASX playlist reading and writing data to comply with Microsoft ASX playlist specification.
Lyrics & Pictures
Now custom lyrics text and pictures can be linked to any media file not only MP3 file.
New features:
CDDB Database
Now Playlist Manager not only can create a playlist based on your audio CD contents, but also retrieve artist and tracks titles data from Internet CDDB database.
Bookmarks System
A system that allows to play a media file partially with one or more time ranges. You can set the playback start and the playback end time, play repeatedly, play one or more bookmarks at once and more..
Advanced Scheduler
This updated Scheduler Let you start, stop the playback at given time. It may be integrated with bookmarks system. It have own playlist. You can use it without the timer as well.

01.16.2005  File Audio Processor  Updated
Maintenance upgrade only. Active Web Installer added for licensed users for performing easy software updates.
01.18.2005  Visual Lottery Analyser version 1.2 released.
We have received a lot of  inquires in regards on how to add, set up games and drawings databases.
In response to this we have created new features that will help the users to perform those tasks.
We invite all of you who have the problems in the past, to download the Visual Lottery Analyser once again.
If your evaluation license has expired, just send email to us and we will extend it for you

New features:
Add Game Wizard
New wizard which will walk you through the entire process of adding new game and its drawings database to the program.
Drawings Database Wizard
New wizard which will allow to fast and ease enter new drawing numbers into a drawings database.
Plugins system has been removed and is replaced by Drawings Database Wizard.
Check For Update feature is integrated with Active Web Installer.
Automatic Unlocking feature allow to unlock the software over the Internet.

03.17.2005  Sprintbit Software Company Update
Sprintbit Software is a division of Sprintbit Corporation now.
We have open new store for our user, you can purchase our software directly at www.sprintbit.biz
The promotion of Visual Lottery Analyser has come to an end. The regular retail price is now $59 till the next version
03.23.2005  Sprintbit Corporation Update
Sprintbit Corporation launches new web hosting service! please visit our new web site at www.sprintbit.ws
We have great news for users of Sprintbit Software, all of our users are always entitled to get an web hosting plan with FREE setup.
Please logon into member's page to get your discount coupon now! (CLOSED)

Service Not Available Now
03.31.2005  Sprintbit Playlist  Manager version 3.1 released
Video Playback improved
04.08.2005  Sprintbit File  Manager version 1.6 released
Two additional File Browsers added. File Preview widow now can preview/play multimedia files.

08.07.2005  Sprintbit File Manager version 2.0 released

New File Manager with a lot of improvements, new features added and redesigned interface is released.
Feature's updates:
File Manager
1. New Multi File Manager with four File Browsers that works altogether.
2. A floating File Browser window removed in the favor of new Multi File Manager feature.
3. Many of File Manager tools are accessible now via docked window and works directly with File Browsers rather
    through its separate window.
4. Work with network drives improved.
5. Possibility to tile the File Browsers vertically or horizontally.
File Viewer (formerly File Preview)
1. Moved to the main window as one of the major features.
2. Folder & File Selector control added that allows to select a file or folder to view more easily.
3. Can play audio & video files.
CD-DVD Writer
1. Simplified interface, now all of information type features like Drive Capacity, File View, Disc Status
and Volume Information are grouped into one tab, which gives fast and easy access to information.
2. Support of creating Audio CD added
Picture Viewer
1. Reorganized toolbar and interface
2. All options, effects, filters etc are available via docked window, which gives direct & easier access to use them.
3 Right mouse click menus added to new docked window that gives the easy access to switch between tabs.
Search & Replace
Opened in the docked window now, works directly with main File Browsers. Just select a file and replace or search for,
in the destination File Browser.
Multi Copy & Move
1. Reorganized toolbar
2. New controls added, now you can select a file, folder or destination folder easily and directly
at File Viewer or Tree View.
Split & Merge
1. Opened in the docked window now, works directly with main File Browsers. Just select a file you want to split,
and click a button to split into the destination File Browser. Merge works easy now in the same way.
2. The previous version could not work with files bigger then 2GB, now there is no limit.
File Attributes
Opened in the docked window now, works directly with main File Browsers. You can get a file attributes information now as easy as click on a file at the File Browser is.
Compare Files
Opened in the docked window now, works directly with main File Browsers. You can compare files very easy now.
Just select two files and click the Compare button.
Join Files
Opened in the docked window now, works directly with main File Browsers.  You can join listed files easily directly to destination browser.
File Dependencies
Opened in the docked window now, works directly with main File Browsers.  You can get the file dependences
just by one click
File Searcher
1. Toolbar reorganized, new menus Recently Used Locations & Recently used Searches added.
2. Tree View added for easy folder selection to search in
3. Quick Search added to the main window
1. New Run menu that works as Favorites menu but runs the files instead of showing them in the browser
2. FTP interface redesigned
08.10.2005  Sprintbit Playlist Manager updated to version 3.2
1. Small playback visualization control added
2. New properties to set default audio & video player
3. Lyrics & Pictures system improved
4. Several bugs has been fixed discovered since last release
1. Audio equalizer removed
08.07.2005  Sprintbit File Manager updated to version 2.0.10
Compression & Decompression capabilities of GZIP files added.
Improved search performance.
08.21.2005  Sprintbit Playlist Manager updated to version 3.3
New features:
Direct Playlist Creator
Is a tool that you can create playlist files in a snap. it will create a playlist files based on your folders structure
and theirs content without needing to add media files manually to the Playlist Editor.
Daily Scheduler
This new scheduler let you set the playlist playback start date and time.
It may be used at home and for radio broadcasting as well.